You are designed to be extraordinary.

Chiropractic care helps you be your best by restoring the communication pathways between your brain and your body.My goal is to enlighten as many people as I can on the power that creates and heals the body, heighten your consciousness on the subtle warning cues of your body and educate on the benefits and true meaning of Chiropractic, enhancing longevity for generations to come.

It’s called Chiropractic… Come and see me and feel great today!

Thank you for guiding me and challenging me to face my pain. I appreciate the explanations and encouragement on my journey from deeply frustrating pain towards a buoyant mindfulness of my posture and the intricacies of my body.

You have helped me towards a deeper listening to and respect for my own ability to become a part of the realignment and healing of my body. I have growth mentally and I have found physical healing whilst under your care. Thank you for teaching and encouraging me.

Rhoda Van Schalkwyk

Dr Debbie has a remarkable gift of making an accurate diagnosis and then applying appropriate treatment.

Her treatment keeps my vertigo problem, which had me totally debilitated, under control allowing me to continue with a normal life.

Paul Britton

Debbie saved me! I was 38 weeks pregnant and in a lot of pain, my lower back was killing me. She did a few adjustments that prepped my body and then just a little tug on my leg and I felt my back magically align, the pain was gone.

She is very talented, professional and efficient.

Nicola Pearson

Starting my journey as a first time mom living abroad away from my family it was of great importance to me that I had a network of support during my pregnancy. I was critical in the professionals I chose for this journey to make sure they supported my birthing plan.

Debbie formed one of the main pillars in this support system as she did not just support me physically but also emotionally to realize my ideal birthing plan. Debbie’s Chiropractic skills, professionalism and personalized approach is why both me and my now 7 month old baby are still making use of her service.

I cannot recommend her enough!

Naoual Barry

The most friendly and comfortable practice I’ve been too.

Dr Debbie is amazing! Highly recommendable

Michaeline Wessels

Dr Debbie has been brilliant in sorting out my running injuries as well as general body maintenance and alignment! She is such a positive, knowledgeable and energetic lady, and so obviously passionate about what she does!

I’ve taken both my daughters (age 10 and 12) to see her too and my eldest daughter, who was having trouble with headaches, hasn’t had a single one since her first visit!!

I really do feel that seeing Dr Debbie, even without a specific ailment, is such an amazing, non invasive way of taking responsibility for your health and I’ll recommend her to anyone that will listen.

Thanks for looking after my family Dr. D


Lindsy Shelly

After a traumatic natural birth of my baby girl it was recommended that I see a baby chiropractor. I was sceptical but thought “hey why not” and I’m so glad we found Dr Debbie. Her friendly, calm and caring nature was infectious and i was always at ease while she gentle worked on Juniper.

She helped my little girl so much with her alignment, hip rotation, colic and sleep. I would recommend that everyone who has a little person in their lives should take them to see Dr Debbie as she is a life changer. Thank you so much for all you have done for Juniper.

Leony Kelly

I have been a patient with Dr Debbie for over a year now and can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.  

Debbie is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional with a real understanding of what injury is being treated.  She has a lovely friendly nature, making you feel comfortable at every treatment.

She has helped me immensely and I continue to see her every month for regular adjustments.  5 STAR rating from me!!

Janet Santana

I have been going to Debbie for the past 2 years and I honestly don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to define how amazing she is!!

She has helped my body prepare and heal before and after long haul flights, after countless days of sleeping in the wrong type of mattress or pillow, any stress related tension, she was there helping my body function optimally throughout my pregnancy, as well as after my pregnancy, adjusting and helping not only me but now my baby as well 🙂

Her professionalism, kindness and wisdom are a rarity and I feel soooo lucky and blessed to have met her!!

Ana Cunya

Na die geboorte van my dogtertjie het ek gesukkel met ‘n konstante hoofpyn. Na my besoekaan Debbie is my hoofpyne baie beter! My dogtertjie was ook by haar nadat sy net ‘n keisersnee gebore is.

Debbie was baie goed met haar, ek sal haar verseker aanbeveelDie ontvangs en algehele ondervinding is vriendelik en natuurlik!

Aletta Eksteen