Dr Debbie Cerva is a South African born Chiropractor, who graduated from The University of Johannesburg in 2007, she has been lucky enough to succeed in intertwining her love for travel with international Chiropractic conferences. This has enhanced her understanding, skills and kept her aligned and connected to the purpose of educating as many people as possible on the benefits and true meaning of Chiropractic. 

Chiropractic detects and corrects nerve interference, created through vertebral alignment, restoring control to the master controller of the body, the nervous system.

Dr Debbie has been fortunate enough to work alongside other highly trained, focused and involved Chiropractors, as well as actively building, owning and being the Principle Chiropractor of her practice in Johanessburg and Cape Town, South Africa. Her travels in Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Scotland and more recently the Netherlands involved skill acquirement on the Thompson Technique, Activator method and Sacral Occipital technique, Advanced Biostructural Correction and Diversified Technique. Personal growth is an ongoing journey and a part of her internal value structure.

“I never found Chiropractic through a miracle, but Chiropractic keeps me on my toes, each patient brings me something new and exciting to deal with. Chiropractic alongside self-discipline saved me from spinal surgery in 2017 and returned me to weight training which is something I love. Chiropractic is my go-to, my first protocol because I am extremely passionate and believe so deeply in this outcome-based profession. It forms part of the way I look after my health. I am so happy to be able to work with my passion”. 

Dr Debbie has practised extensively with babies, pregnant mothers, children and sportsmen; she is passionate about the “whole person approach” of full spinal adjustments. She believes in a practical application to maintaining posture, owning stress, awareness of body and mind through movement, but most importantly the specificity of individuality!

Since recently moving back to the excitement she feels in Johannesburg, you can now find her at STICKS AND STONES WELLNESS HUB in the  Morningside Shopping Centre, Sandton, Johannesburg, alongside Dr Marie Rosenberg.