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Can Chiropractic help me?


Since 1895, under the influence of Dr Daniel David Palmer, Doctors of Chiropractic have focused on the nervous system. The master system of the body that controls healing, regulation, and general wellness. By SAFELY AND GENTLY removing “Vertebral Subluxations” that cause nerve interference to the nervous system, this scientific approach assists the body in achieving optimal function allowing us to perform at our best and enabling our bodies to thrive the way they were intended to.


A “Vertebral Subluxation” is an area of tension in the spine, a small mis-alignment or area of disturbed/deranged pattern of movement that places pressure on a nerve. This leads to altered pathways of messages being sent from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain.

This interference to our message signals affects all areas of life; from sleep, to mood swings; from intermittent stiffness to consistent chronic pain; from hormonal imbalances to gut disturbances; from concentration issues to decreased athletic performance and from lack of energy to chronic fatigue.

Symptoms, especially pain, are the body’s intelligent messages to WARN us that injury is ALREADY OCCURING!

Worst of all, you can not always feel if you have a subluxation because only 10% of our nervous system can actually perceive pain. This means that up to 90% can be highly stressed without any symptoms or warning signs…Is it a good idea to wait until your teeth fall out to have them checked?

Vertebral Subluxations are not normal, but extremely common.

Different types of stress occurring in daily life cause subluxations.

  • Physical Stress like the birth process, accidents, falls, slips, simple repetitive movements, and abnormal posture.
  • Mental and Emotional stress like changes in career or life, work or home pressure, being too busy, disturbed sleep, irregular routines.
  • Chemical stress like additives, preservatives, toxins and chemicals in food, food allergies, smoking, caffeine, alcohol abuse, medications, allergies to cleaning products or cosmetics.


The Chiropractic adjustment focuses on the structural stress (posture, alignment), while directly affecting the functionality (nervous system) with effective and safe techniques best suited to you as an individual. By detecting and reducing the nerve stress, the body is able to do what it does best, HEAL ITSELF!