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1st Visit

On your first visit you will be greeted by caring and enthusiastic practice members

  • A comprehensive history is taken, by asking lots of questions and intently listening to the answers.
  • Associated Chiropractic tests are performed and noted. If the need for further testing is indicated, it will be requested.
  • Your full report is discussed and your Chiropractic Plan is explained thoroughly ensuring no misunderstandings.
  • Exercise and nutritional information will be explained during these visits, and throughout your care.
  • Full Chiropractic Examination is performed and noted. If the need for further testing (like X-Rays) is indicated, it will be requested.
  • A Postural Examination is performed.
  • Should an adjustment be indicated on your first visit, your Chiropractor will inform you and proceed.
  • After your examination is complete, you will return to the front desk and book your Chiropractic Health Appointment as well as your follow up appointment.

 2nd Visit:

On your second visit, you will receive your Report of Findings with your full diagnosis and if we can assist you, your treatment plan.

The details of your report will be discussed in full.


  • Chiropractic adjustments are fast and efficient ensuring quality sessions.
  • Re-testing with feedback will be incorporated on a regular basis to ensure progression.
  • At any time during our interactions, please feel free to ask as many questions as you want.
  • Exercise and Nutritional information is ongoing.

Chiropractic Health Appointment:

Your Health Care Appointment is a powerful TOOL. It is important for your progression forward as well as enabling you to make informed decisions about your own health care.

  • This talk focuses specifically on Chiropractic Lifestyle. What Chiropractic means to you, your motion, your nutrition, and your thoughts.
  • This is an open-ended discussion, so bring your questions! Feel free to bring a family member or friend along, someone you feel can benefit from Chiropractic, offer you support or supply you with encouragement.
  • This talk is FREE and I highly recommend you attend, to ensure you benefit as much as you can from YOUR Chiropractic Lifestyle.